AFFA Production is a Russian fashion-event agency that combines experience, knowledge and creativity of each person who is envolved in a production process, including team of in-house model agency.

AFFA Production's know-how is a process called "closed-circle" production,

that means developing the very-first concept, making 3D stage models, cast selection, writing soundtracks, solving light and sound issues and creating a final version of a show where no minor detail goes unnoticed.

AFFA Production's team consists of professionals, who are passionate about what they do.

Sergey Lukovsky


founder of LMA agency and Bureau Lukovsky, leading director and creator of all the main events of the St-Petersburg world of fashion fro the last 12 years.

AFFA PRODUCTION turns catwalk into a real show, and show into an event!

Sergey Lukovsky - creator of all the min events of the fashion world in St-Petersburg for the last 12 years. All the start-ups and performances of Lukovsky’s direction are successful.

Lukovsky was the first who understood: buyers are the viewers, first of all. Any purchase in a shop or boutique is a small performance. That is why places where designers sell their collections called show-rooms. Everyone needs a beautiful show: sales assistants and clients, without the show clients won’t buy and sales assistant won’t sell.

Only real show can attract the attention to the new collection and young designer, any art performance is much stronger than advertisement.

Only real art will be kept in mind of viewers. The union of art and fashion brings its fruits.

«Style is, first of all, an individuallity. Success of the show is real because it was made “in blood and sweat”. The aim of a real professional - make each show different, even on a standard catwalk the show should be special.»

Know-how of AFFA PRODUCTION is not only complex preparation and holding fashion events «for key», but huge quantity of talent and passion, which is put into every show. You can see it in everything: in director’s idea, script, visualizing of stage, organizing castings, choosing the soundtracks and lights decisions - in each little detail, everything is under attention and kept in mind.

There is no difference in show organization: famous brands or young designers. Financial frames not always are the point to take a dicision. There is a possibility to create an interesting and bright show with a small budget or even without it.

There is no ideal way to direct a show.
All the catwalks are different, for example CHANEL show is full of decorations and PRADA is other way around - minimalistic.

The job of AFFA PRODUCTION is to create, but not to copy the standards

There are more than 1000 shows that were made by AFFA Production's team, including Elle Fashion Days, Aurora Fashion week, St. Petersburg Fashion Week, fashion shows of world's top fashion houses, such as Trussardi, Viktor&Rolf, Philipp Plein, Thom Browne, Antonio Marras, Martin Margiela etc.

Famous brands and designers with the world names who come to St-Petersburg trust only Sergey Lukovsky and AFFA PRODUCTION team to make their shows unforgettable.

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