LMA Presents is a project of LMA model agency, which helps young promising designers to present their names to the audience. LMA agency makes show only for those designers who do not have an opportunity to present their collection on a proper level by themselves.

Since 2010 the project has presented 26 names, the list includes following names:

«Russians should buy from Russian designers.
Someday we will come to it,
but it won’t happen in the nearest future»

Criteria for selection of a candidate:

1.You should have an idea.
2.A collection should have a concept, the right use of colors, materials and silhouettes.

Participation in the project for designers is free. Selection is based on a competition.

Nowadays, famous brands have taken all the fashion space in St-Petersburg, therefore it is hard for young designers to find a place.

Fashion business needs a lot of money to invest on renting a place, technical equipment, making video, finding models. Sponsors, usually, do not support unknown designer.

LMA Presents has a lot of candidates. For those who are talanted and whose works are interesting, LMA offers its help and takes care about all the details, such as renting a place for fashion show, shooting a look-book, finding models, making a fashion show, developing PR-strategy

The aim of the project is to attract the attention of important people in fashion industry. Usually, the LMA’s choice is supported by other professionals.

After the show the interest to the designer is growing up - stylists and photographers photoshoot the collection, magazines and investors offer a partnership.

Each time the number of guests on the fashion show is growing. Last time, LMA Presents Fashion Day was visited by more than 1,5 thousands of guests. In 2010, first show visited 50 people.

As practics shows, everything is real. Participation in the project - is your right step on the way of your development.

More and more strong participants are attracted to the project. «LMA Presents» gives a first step to perspective desiners.

How do we see an ideal candidate?

  • He or she thinks about perspectives, understands that in a case of success he or she must continue in a best way, nothing less.
  • He or she is a goal-oriented person and see the future. For example, the next step is to show a collection on a fashion week, then open a boutique.
  • Designers that were presented by LMA Presents have a lucky ticket to the fashion world. They just need to use it properly