LMA (Lukovsky Model Agency) bran was born in 2005.

Nowadays, when the web-site of LMA is full of the most beautiful boys’ and girls’ faces, it is hard to believe that in that period of time there were almost no professional agencies and models.

Modelling hasn’t been existed as industry, the same models came to castings of model agencies, on catwalks the same model presented few agencies at the same time!

LMA got an idea - there is a need for the best ones, there is a need for an exclusive. With the time photographers, designers, make-up artists, stylists understood that the best models they could find only in LMA agency. LMA’s partners couldn’t avoid the fact that if you work with professionals today, you’ll come back to them tomorrow. Reputation is the most important thing in model business!

20th of March 2006, in the «ASTORIA» hotel there was a presentation of the first professional model agency in Saint-Petersburg and it is not just words, but real fact.

We still live up to our reputation!

Afterwards we worked on a partner project with MTV channel, that was called - «Fashion School». The aim of the project was to show the live of the girls who studied modelling in LMA. In a year LMA Models became a face of model business in Saint-Petersburg.

Art and business intuition of Sergey Lukovsky, taking a risk and ability to find professionals gave its fruits. Only for one year LMA became the biggest agency of North-West and one of the most authoritative agency in Russia.

Sergey Lukovsky was born near Saint-Petersburg in Shlisselburg town - Russian place with the European name, that is why he has an european view on Russian reality. When the agency was opened, Lukovsky knew everything should be like in Europe.

Lukovsky has a talent to find a «key» to each person, open the doors that are closed to others.

Step by step the success came to LMA. The world brand names started to hear the name of LMA.

Catwalks, shows, performances, first success of LMA models in the main European shows.

The list of LMA’s partners is amazing: Cristian Dior, Louis Vouitton, Valentino, Prada, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Burberry, Dries Van Noten, Yohji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, TANYA KOTEGOVA, Tatiana Parfionova, Leonid Alexeev.

Publications and photoshoots with LMA models for the main Russian and international magazines - Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, GQ, TATLER, Glamour, Grazia, COSMO, Собака.ru, Dazed & Confused magazine, Dress Code, Time Out, SCOPE and oters.

Participation in advertising campaigns Prada, Dolce&Gabana, Fred Perry, ZARA, Top Shop, La Perla, Levi's. Work on all the fashion weeks, including international ones.

LMA is an initiator of a number of social and educating projects in model industry. LMA support some partner projects: FAshion Weekend, Child Fashionable and others.

LMA - not only a leading model agency Petersburg. LMA - the largest educational and entertainment holding company in the fashion-industry.

LMA Mission

Mission of LMA is to create a taste in society, popularization of the best world fashion trends. We work for those who is aiming to create only the best and always want to be popular and ahead of fashion.

Just beautiful girl or handsome boy are almost nothing! You need to have a beautiful inside world, inside beauty. We love our models, that is why we think that model agency has, first of all, not material resources - offices, lights and photo cameras, but physical resources - people, their kindness and beauty, which we want to bring to the audience.


LMA today – is:

  • лучшие профессиональные модели Северо-Запада России
  • модельные типажи, подходящие к мероприятиям любого формата и жанра
  • режиссура и постановка показов и шоу
  • художественные костюмированные представления европейского масштаба
  • продюсерский отдел со штатом лучших фотографов, стилистов, визажистов и парикмахеров
  • профессиональная подготовка моделей и сотрудников fashion-сферы
  • поддержка молодых дизайнеров
  • создание модной сферы Петербурга
  • высокое качество услуг, дисциплина и ответственность